Lonestar Roundup

Tom is back from shooting at the Lonestar Roundup.  He has many great friends in Austin, stays with Lee Pratt, a highly regarded restorer of roadsters, and attends many of the social activities from open houses to barbeques (by invitation only).  I think it is fair to say it is one of his favorite car shows.  The weather was predicted to rain every day and you will see some of that.  This is only the first set of images . . . more to come I am sure.

This is Jerry's 1864 Ford Galaxie.  Jerry just recently completed its restoration.  It was a hit at the show.

This is Lee's 1940 Ford.  It has been on the cover of Rodder's Journal.

A 1928 Model A.

A 1931 Ford Roadster.

Headed for the show.

A 1931 Model A.

That is Lee Pratt and his 1955 Chevy Nomad.  The gold 1940 Ford and Jerry's car (Jerry getting in).  They are preparing to caravan to the show.

A 1932 Ford Coupe, hemi-powered.  It was driven to the show from the East Coast.

Another 32 Ford Roadster, the Deuce as it is known by hot rodders.  It was driven to the Lonestar Roundup from San Francisco along with 25 other cars in a caravan (must have been quite a site for folks along the road!!).

Rain just adds to their beauty.

This is a 1931 Ford roadster.

A 1934 Ford Coupe.

A 1953 Ford.  This would be considered old style custom.

If you guessed that this is a 1932 Ford you are correct.  It is a 5 window model coupe.  Did you guess that?  In this car, the owner chose to retain the fenders.

The back car is a 1931 Ford roadster and the front car is a 1957 Cadillac, owned by Steve the show's promoter.

ANOTHER 1932 Ford roadster.  Hot rodders really love 1932 Fords.

A 1930 Model A Ford, close behind the Deuce as the second most popular hot rod body style.  Notice the fenders were removed.

A classic hot rod engine, the early Ford flathead.

This is detail of a handmade throttle linkage on a supercharged Oldsmobile engine.

I mentioned rain.  This is actually a photo of the mist on the car's (Jerry's) paint.

Front grill detail on a 1957 Ford.

While weather threatened each day of the show, it held off until the very end.  As cars drove out of the show the rain came down, very heavy at times!

Tom is headed home and I am sure he will have more photos to share this coming weekend.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing.