Lonestar Roundup Part 2

As promised, more images from Tom's trip to Austin for the Lonestar Roundup.  Enjoy.

Another 1932 Ford . . . in this case a sedan.  

Really!!  Another 1932 Ford.  OK, I am ready for a rat rod!

Haha!  Well, Tom can't give me a good rat rod.  Would I settle for potty graffiti?  When this good, yes!  Are those cars rat rods?

A 1950 Oldsmobile.  Lots of room for suitcases in the trunk.

This model is called a 'bathtub Nash'.  It is rarely ever customized.  It is a 1950 (more or less).  I think it is rather elegant.

Jerry's car.  A 1963 Ford Galaxie.  Paint job is holding up well.

Guess!!  Yes, you guessed correctly.

A 1958 Cadillac.

Sporting color.  It is a 1953 Chevy.

A 1932 Ford.

1954 Ford.  What?  "Not a 1932 Ford?" I ask Tom not so innocently.  Nope, he responds.

1931 Model A.  Cute rear end.  Almost qualifies as a butt shot!

1950 Ford with a chopped top.

1931 Model A

Tom said I made a good guess.  A 1932 Ford with a chopped top.  I think it has an attitude!

Yep.  It is.

Really stand out with the clouds behind it.  Jerry's car.

Tom thinks this is a 1948 Plymouth, 

A 1931 Model A.

A 1931 Model A.

A supercharged Thunderbird motor.

A 1960s style nostalgia dragster.

A six carburators on a Buick engine.

I think I am catching on.  Six on a Cadillac?  Tom says, 'Yes."

An impromptu conference room. Lots of sharing goes on at these car show. 

All from the show.  Tom will be going back next year.  Thanks for stopping by.