AZ Concours d'Elegance II

As the day progresses the crowds thicken and the light changes.  This is the afternoon photography of these gorgeous cars.

1936 Type 57 Bugatti (the car Tom is going to buy me one day)!

1931 Delage D8S

1955 Mercedes Benz 300 SL

1954 Jaguar XKD403

A nice crowd!

Detail of fuel injector stacks on a 1956 A.J. Watson race car.

1909 Delage Type R

1953 Ferrari 250 Europa

1930 Bugatti Type 46

Engine detail

1956 Lincoln Premiere

Reflections on a Bugatti

Detail of Ferrari Vignale

1934 Packard 1107

1932 Delage DAS

1959 Bocar XT5

1938 Jaguar SS100

Hood ornament

Front view of Bocar

1955 Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing coupe

1948 Jaguar XK120, the fastest production car at that time.

1963 Corvette Stingray coupe

1931 Delage D8S

1954 Alfa Romeo 1900C Zagato

1957 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

1938 Lincoln K

1948 Jaguar XK120

1960 Corvette

Here's lookin' at ya!

And, if cars don't interest you and you are a guest at the Biltmore, you can simply find a quiet space and relax.

AZ Concours d'Elegance

There is probably not a nicer place, well maybe Pebble Beach, to show off great cars than the Biltmore.  The Mayan Deco style goes well with these aristocratic grand cars.  These images were taken at the AZ Concours D'Elegance held January 15th.  Tom photographed these cars in the morning.  The afternoon photographs will be posted soon.

Lincoln, probably a '38.  Image captured in the early morning as the cars were arriving on the grounds.


Rare 1955 Mercedes 300SL gull wing coupe.

A French manufactured Delage.

Circle Track racer mid-sixties era.

1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II.

Late 30's LaSalle, known as the baby Cadillac.

New model McLaren supercar with color changing paint.


Mid-sixties Mercedes sports coupe.


Mid thirties Packard touring.

Lincoln roadster.

Line up of Bugatti race cars.

Custom bodied Bugatti.

Stumped Tom!


Packard hood ornament.



'Barn find', an early 60's AC, predecessor to the Ford Cobra.

Mid-fifties Grand Prix racer.

1948 Packard

Barret Jackson 2017

Tom would rather photograph hot rods but when that is not possible he will grab his gear and head to just about any car show.  Barrett Jackson is an auto show that he enjoys attending if it is close to wherever we are.  This year there was a 'special' car, one that Tom actually owned in 1971.

Packard Touring

First attempt at a compact car by an American company, Bantam.

This was Tom's 1963 Corvette Stingray that he owned for a brief time in 1971.  He purchased it at a bargain basement price.  It had been neglected and Tom sold it when he decided it would require more repair than he was willing to put into it.  It has been restored by subsequent owners, including the Peterson Museum.  It was sold at the auction for $62,000.

Original Ford GT race car, 1966.

Rare Ford Cobra Daytona Coupes built for the road racing circuit.  First car to challenge Ferrari's domination of that type of racing.

Collection of Indian motorcycles, an old brand (1901 to 1953)  During that time it was the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world. In 2011, Polaris purchased the bankrupt company and resumed production.  The motorcycles above are new.


Rare 1929 Cord.

Restored 1938 Ford.

Perfect grill reflections!

McLaren were built to race for the road racing circuit.  There were several being shown in the McLaren boot at the show.  While original McLaren are very expensive, the company now offers a 'less expensive' version.