Tohajilee Revisited

Steve and I went off-roading today.  We were on a scouting mission to find some good spots for photographing developing storms.  We turned off towards Tohajilee, a Navajo Indian community.  Lots of low rolling hills, dirt roads, high desert landscape and a few interesting wildflowers.  Steve has a Tamron SP DI 90 macro 1:1 lens that he typically uses for photographing his models.  However, today he really skunked me on his macro shots!!  Enjoy our exploration.

This is Desert Rhubarb and it stinks!!

This makes me thing of popping corn or fireworks.  

Reminded me of White Sands . . . . if I leave really early I could spend half a day there looking for Sand Verbena before going into Las Cruces . . . 

That is all folks.  Thanks for joining us.