Animals and Road Shots (not roadkill)

This is the final installment of photographs taken during our stay near Yellowstone. Photographing animals is not our usual interest but they are hard to miss in Yellowstone! While it was the beginning of June, the road shots show how much snow was still on the ground and Yellowstone Lake was still sporting ice. Some of the more interesting photo opportunities were along the road between Yellowstone and Cody. We were fortunate to have Diane with us again. She has made an excellent contribution to our series on Yellowstone. Enjoy.

Y Wildlife TD-1.jpg
Y Wildlife TD-9.jpg
Y Wildlife TD-6.jpg
Y Wildlife TD-3.jpg
Y Wildlife TD-11.jpg
Y Wildlife TD-8.jpg
DK Yellowstone-2.jpg
Y Road to Yellowstone TD-5.jpg
Y Road to Yellowstone TD-1.jpg
Y Road to Yellowstone TD-3.jpg
Y Road to Yellowstone TD-4.jpg
Y Road to Yellowstone TD-9.jpg
View from our camp.

View from our camp.

Y RV Park Area TD-7.jpg
Really?  Really!!!

Really? Really!!!

Y RV Park Area TD-6.jpg
Y RV Park Area TD-5.jpg
Y RV Park Area TD-3.jpg
DK Yellowstone-40.jpg
DK Yellowstone-41.jpg

Prismatic Spring

This is absolutely my most favorite site in Yellowstone National Park. The Grand Prismatic Spring is the largest hot spring in the United State and the third largest in the world! The Prismatic is filled with extremely hot water that travels 121 feet from a crack in the earth to reach the surface. But there is more than just Prismatic. At the entrance a visitor passes by Excelsior Geysor, which at one time erupted to heights of 300 feet. It has had long periods of dormancy but erupted over two days in 1985. There are two smaller hot springs, Opal and Turquoise. Visitors walk on a boardwalk loop that lets them get up close to the thermal activity. From the boardwalk one can see the spring in parts, brilliant colors and pattern along with colorful steam. The colors change with light changes, wind and clouds. To see Prismatic Springs from above one must use the path that goes to Fairy Falls. This new half mile path was opened in 2017, climbs 105 feet and provides a safe fantastic view of the full Prismatic Spring.

Prismatic Spring-84.jpg
The outer edge of Excelsior Geyser.

The outer edge of Excelsior Geyser.

Y Thermal Features TD-19.jpg
Prismatic Spring-13.jpg
Y Thermal Features TD-12.jpg
DK Yellowstone-36.jpg
Prismatic Spring-27.jpg
Y Thermal Features TD-3.jpg
DK Yellowstone-10.jpg
Prismatic Spring-10.jpg
Y Thermal Features TD-10.jpg
DK Yellowstone-23.jpg
DK Yellowstone-24.jpg
Prismatic Spring-42.jpg
Y Thermal Features TD-11.jpg
Prismatic Spring-80.jpg
Y Thermal Features TD-16.jpg
DK Yellowstone-22.jpg
Prismatic Spring-32.jpg
Y Thermal Features TD-1.jpg
DK Yellowstone-25.jpg
Y Thermal Features TD-14.jpg
Prismatic Spring-131.jpg
DK Yellowstone-30.jpg
I believe this is Opal Spring.

I believe this is Opal Spring.

Y Thermal Features TD-4.jpg
DK Yellowstone-33.jpg
Prismatic Spring-37.jpg
Prismatic Spring-67.jpg
I believe this is Turquoise Spring.

I believe this is Turquoise Spring.

DK Yellowstone-26.jpg
This is Turquoise Spring.

This is Turquoise Spring.

DK Yellowstone-32.jpg
DK Yellowstone-37.jpg
Y Thermal Features TD-18.jpg
Prismatic Spring-116.jpg
DK Yellowstone-27.jpg
Prismatic Spring-73.jpg
Y Thermal Features TD-12.jpg
A hot spring on the path to the overlook.

A hot spring on the path to the overlook.

DK Yellowstone-29.jpg
Prismatic Spring-74.jpg
Y Thermal Features TD-17.jpg
Y Thermal Features TD-15.jpg
Prismatic Spring-75.jpg
Turquoise Spring.

Turquoise Spring.

Prismatic Spring-121.jpg
Prismatic Spring-76.jpg

Bears, Wolves, Sunrise, Sunset

Dave escaped the heat to travel to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.  He sent photos of bears, bear cubs, a wolf, sunrise and sunsets . . . I would say he had a grand trip.

Dave called him Scarface Bear.  

Nice light.  Better lightning!!  Wonderful image.

Sunset.  Full moon.  Planets.


Dave wrote that these were pelicans!  In the Tetons?  Amazing.

Thanks so very much David.  We appreciate your sharing.  These are wonderful images.