Animals and Road Shots (not roadkill)

This is the final installment of photographs taken during our stay near Yellowstone. Photographing animals is not our usual interest but they are hard to miss in Yellowstone! While it was the beginning of June, the road shots show how much snow was still on the ground and Yellowstone Lake was still sporting ice. Some of the more interesting photo opportunities were along the road between Yellowstone and Cody. We were fortunate to have Diane with us again. She has made an excellent contribution to our series on Yellowstone. Enjoy.

Y Wildlife TD-1.jpg
Y Wildlife TD-9.jpg
Y Wildlife TD-6.jpg
Y Wildlife TD-3.jpg
Y Wildlife TD-11.jpg
Y Wildlife TD-8.jpg
DK Yellowstone-2.jpg
Y Road to Yellowstone TD-5.jpg
Y Road to Yellowstone TD-1.jpg
Y Road to Yellowstone TD-3.jpg
Y Road to Yellowstone TD-4.jpg
Y Road to Yellowstone TD-9.jpg
View from our camp.

View from our camp.

Y RV Park Area TD-7.jpg
Really?  Really!!!

Really? Really!!!

Y RV Park Area TD-6.jpg
Y RV Park Area TD-5.jpg
Y RV Park Area TD-3.jpg
DK Yellowstone-40.jpg
DK Yellowstone-41.jpg