Bears, Wolves, Sunrise, Sunset

Dave escaped the heat to travel to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.  He sent photos of bears, bear cubs, a wolf, sunrise and sunsets . . . I would say he had a grand trip.

Dave called him Scarface Bear.  

Nice light.  Better lightning!!  Wonderful image.

Sunset.  Full moon.  Planets.


Dave wrote that these were pelicans!  In the Tetons?  Amazing.

Thanks so very much David.  We appreciate your sharing.  These are wonderful images.

Hanging Around the Tetons

We had such a great day yesterday.  Just hanging around!  Started off at the Oxbow Bend, a very popular photography site.  We joined about 30 other tripods and an equal number of come and go point and shooters. The iPhone is the second most popular camera here!  We wish you were with us.  We are leaving plenty of good shots here for our return and your visit.

The Oxbow is one of the Snake River 'bends' and has the advantage that one can look both east and west.  It is wide enough at some points to actually look like a lake.





When the pinks turn to gold . . .


Looking across the river in dense brush . . . where I heard elk calling (bugling) when we first got there.

Tom walked up the river towards the Tetons.  He grabbed this one just as the last of the pink was visible.

When the excitemente of the sunrise was over we drove the Jenny Lake Loop.  I had hoped for a mirror-like lake but we were too late for that.  The boats were running people to Inspiration Point and the kayakers joined in with the wind to create plenty of waves.  The water reflects the surrounding color.


Tom walked up the shore and got this photo looking back at the marina where my photos were taken.

There are great paths along the lake.  At times you can see the lake clearly.  Other times you are in a very different world with squirrels and birds to keep you company.

When you come here you have to take a photo of a barn with the Tetons in the background.  It is required!! Just teasing.  You can find them and many photographers on Mormon Row.  Nice to have great lighting, but we did OK in spite of building storms.  I think it makes this building look even more interesting!

Tom takes a lot of shots from the car and they really add to our collection.  Some are pretty good and some are excellent.  His willingness and talent is appreciated when there is no pullout or traffic is such that I cannot pull over. Sometimes the moment is just fleeting and you either get the shot or loose it.

And my personal pick of the day . . . drum roll please . . . taken at the top of Signal Mountain.  We were disappointed by the lack of sunset light.  It was dark and gloomy.  Periodically the clouds parted and there would be a moment of golden glow. And there he stood.  I fell in deeper in love with this marvelous human being.  He is such a great photo buddy!

This entry was posted late today because we shot early and then came back out of the rain to warm up and have breakfast.  A great nap followed!!  Such lazy lizards we are today.  Now that I have finished our entry for the day we are going to head to Jackson and see what the clouds are allowing photoggers to see.  There is a photography group staying here at the lodge.  They are from Seattle and I suspect they are saying, "We just left this!!"

Hope you each have a great week ahead of you.  We are going to work real hard at 'retiring'.

Stay healthy.  Shoot daily.