Good Guys in Puyallap

Say that title five times and I guarantee a smile (maybe even a chuckle)!  A big smile is what Tom had on his face when I picked him up after he walked miles capturing these images of good cars.  The show was held at the Fairgrounds in Puyallap.

1934 Ford Coupe

1950 Ford

1941 Ford Convertible

1956 Ford

1956 Ford (My question of Tom at this point was, "Was Chevrolet making cars back then?"

1934 Ford

1932 Three window coupe

1932 Hiboy Roadster (My question, "What makes it a Hiboy?"  Tom replies, "Because it has not been lowered."  OK, I got it . . . . sort of!

1936 Ford Coupe

1936 Ford Coupe with chopped top (I actually knew the answer.  The top has been lowered!

1932 Ford Hiboy Roadster

1932 Ford 5 Window Coupe (with fenders)

A rare 1951 Mercury Monterrey, one of only 400 made.  First Detroit car to feature the vinyl roof.

1940 Ford Coupe

A different car (not a Ford) that I saw on Tom's computer screen and then asked him to send it to me as part of the blog.  Not his idea of a good hot rod!!!  But, he did get a photo of it!

1953 Chevy Station-wagon done in a surfer style.  I like the towed trailer and all the decals.

1932 Ford Pick-up.

1932 Ford Hiboy Roadster

1936 Ford

1928 Model A Roadster with classic flat head motor.

Detail of 1949 Ford paint job.

Hahahahaha!  Tom captured this item just to make me smile.  I did.  It certainly speaks to our individual creative nature. I noticed the luggage rack, the lack of steps (already plenty low) and the sunroof.  I would have loved an inside tour (Tom, next time take out your fish eye for me).