Canon Beach

Dave and Karen spent two nights in Canon, OR before joining Tom, me, Greg and Ann for photographing the Columbia Gorge.  They are sharing the images they took on that short trip.  Now I want to go back to Canon Beach as I don't have any images as good as these from our trip there in 2013.

Dave wrote a note to add to this post.  "The Cannon Beach area quickly became a top favorite place for us. The photographic opportunities are endless. Each sunrise and sunset is different. Coming from Arizona, I sometimes get up in the morning, see a cloudless sky and say to myself "Not this again". Each location along the Oregon coast is different.  The Oregon coast sky, with its ever changing clouds, greatly ,adds to the Arizona's tourist experience."


Be still my heart!

These images are superb, wall hanging quality. They make me yearn for a return to this beautiful place.  Dave and Karen chose their two day photo opportunity well and then were up to taking advantage of what was offered to them.  Thanks so very much for sharing with the rest of us.