Lakes at Roads' Ends

As is our usual practice, our first stop when entering Pinedale was to stop at the Information Center.  There, a very nice young lady gave us some recommendations for photographing in the area.  "If you take this road to the end there is a lovely lake.  If you take this road to the top you can look down at a big lake and see the whole valley.  If you take this road you will come to another lovely lake . . . "  So we spent two days and just drove to the ends of roads!!

The larger of Green River Lakes.  The center mountain is called 'Square Top Mountain'.

We got up early, expecting that our drive to Green Lakes would take a couple of hours.  The trip, did in fact, take a bit longer than that.  A bit over half the distance is paved.  After that the dirt road is decent but slow going.  Imagine our concern when we got close to Green River and saw the fog lifting up from the river!

As the sun came up further, the light got a bit nicer and we were excited.  Ahead of us, surely, was a 'lovely lake'.

Amazing to me, still, that Tom and I can stand within feet of each other and take such different photos!

Indeed, a lovely lake.  Tom hiked off to the left.  I walked to the right.  And, of course, the light kept changing along with an increase in wind.

I so wanted the wind to die down so we could get some clear reflections.  Not going to happen this morning!

This lake had the clearest water we have seen in a long time. 

By mid-morning the clouds were starting to build up.  We have had afternoon rain for several days.

The lake's shoreline opposite where I stood for the image above!

Walking up the hill among the bushes.  Lots of little creeks adding water to the lake.  One can sink down in the very moist soil.  Ask me how I know!!

Looking back away from Square Top Mountain towards where we parked on the opposite shore.

Deciding to stop being lazy and get my telephoto out.  It is not a lens I care for but sometimes it is needed . . .

This was taken on the way back.  Same area where we stopped earlier but the light has changed.  We debated back and forth whether the light was getting better.  Should we stay longer.  Or, would the clouds building up to the north of us (not shown) just lead to rain all afternoon?  We started to drive back, still questioning our decision!

Green River

On our way back.  Green River and a decent dirt road!

On the way back we crossed a small bridge and I spotted something and quickly pulled over.  Tom had this look on his face like, "What is wrong?"  I told him I saw something interesting I wanted to check out.  Scum islands on a creek flowing into the Green River!!!  We spent some time checking it all out and battling flies that were as big as robins!

We had lunch in town in Pinedale and still had enough time to check out some other roads.  The first was to Willow Lake.  Not only was the road just awful (spare you the details), but the lake was boring.  I think Tom took a perfunctory shot just in case we had to prove we went to the end of that road.  I did not bother to get my camera out except to look for flowers (one).  Then we drove back and headed to Fremont Lake.  This is the road you can take to look down over the valley.  Once we had that shot we drove a bit further to get a better photo of Wind River Range.

Fremont Lake.

Wind River Range from the end of Skyline Drive.

By the time we made it back to Pinedale and made a quick stop at the grocery store we were tired and just headed on home.  The next morning we headed out south to Big Piney and took the Middle Piney Road all the way to the end to Middle Piney Lake.  Another lovely lake with lots to photograph along the way.

This is horse country.  If I were to estimate, I would say there are more horses than cattle in the area based on driving along county roads.

Big Piney gets into Fourth of July spirit.

Along the way . . .

Wildflowers everywhere!

Between the flowers are colorful grasses and even ladybugs!

Oh so very tiny.  Very, very tiny!

Oh so very tiny.  Very, very tiny!

Tom is extremely good at getting photos from the passenger's seat.  His reflexes for a good shot opportunity are pretty darn quick.  He got this one of a pickup going in the other direction.  He would make a great street photographer!

This is a pano of the rolling hills we drove through on our way to the lake (lake is where the far mountain can barely be seen).

We must be close to the lake!

Another lovely lake.  This time there were lots of people around enjoying nature's best.

Those who shoot with Tom and me can smile at this one.  I am still up in the parking lot getting my gear ready and Tom is already WAAAY down there taking photos!!!  No matter how hard I try to get going quickly I cannot keep up with him.

Tom asked me if I got a photo with that gorgeous rock.

Well, sort of, but not in as dramatic composition as his!

Better?  No!  We have fun when we get home and compare shots.

I had hiked up the hill and around the corner hoping to find where the lake emptied down the stream that we had driven by on the way in.  No luck!  But it confirms the way the wind normally blows!

I'll end with one of my favorite photos of the day.  This energetic dog kept going in again and again after a thrown stick.