This is the second leg of Jon and Phyllis' trip.  The second leg started off in Florence.  As Phyllis wrote:  "This is one of my favorite places, there is so much art and history, where do I start?  So these are just a taste of Florence."

This is Santa Maria del Fiore, Europe's 4th largest church.

The Duomo from the bell tower.

Dome with town behind.

Zoomed in on tower from the photo above.

Florence from the bell tower.  The white church is Santa Croce, famous for tombs and monument of many famous Florentines, Michelangelo and Galileo.

Arches leading to the Arno River.

Ponte Vecchio over the Arno River.  The rent for these shops must be pretty high to be located in such a wonderful setting.

David by Michelangelo.  Nice perspective using people to show just how large this statue is.


Lucca is a walled city in Tuscany where Jon and Phyllis stayed for three days while taking side trips.

Basilica of San Frediano, built in the 12th century.

Facade of San Frediano

Town from the tower

Mummified body of St. Zita

Ceiling of San Martino,  Lucca's main cathedral

Baptistry at San Martino Cathedral.


Duomo, baptistry and tower.

"Tower, although reinforced, really leans and climbing it is a hoot!", wrote Phyllis.

Can only imagine what the feeling is like to look straight up at this tower.

Church complex from top of tower.

Old mill.

Town of Pisa

Old house discovered on a walk.

Church, a newer one, but unsure just what it's name is.

Cinque Terre are five cities on the Mediterranean Sea.  Phyllis wrote: "For years you could only get there by boat.  Now there‚Äôs a train and a few scary roads.  The towns are small, hilly, and filled with tourists.

This is Monterosso al Mare, a beautiful hotel where they stayed.  They had a great dinner in town.  I am impressed by the clean beach and the gorgeous ocean color . . . and the colorful buildings.  I can see why there might be lots of tourists!

Monterosso al Mar

Monterossa al Mar.  This is just one of my favorites.  It could be an oil painting and sold for hundreds . . . .

Small town of Riomaggiore




Manarola.  This is one of Phyllis's favorites.  Hmmm. . . Mine too, but with so many good photos I could easily change my mind.


This is Vernazza


While just a taste of their trip, we hope you enjoyed the short tour.  My mom would have been on this site 10 times a day, carefully examining each detail, and then would have researched every spot mentioned, sending me links and then perhaps a call or two.  I can smile, knowing that we continue to share our photos generously.  She would approve.  Thanks, Jon and Phyllis.