Loop Drive Over Teton Pass

We drove a loop, of sorts, from Daniel Junction to Alpine, then along the Palisades Reservoir in Idaho, over the Teton Pass, skirted Jackson and then headed back on Highway 191 to Daniel Junction.  The nice lady had told us that Teton Pass was a worthy drive.  It was.

The horses bought it and have moved in!

Just driving along and seeing wonder on every curve.

Interesting cut away ahead . . .

Cut away detail.

Some have left home.  These seeds were very large, not your ordinary dandelion.

We pulled over to get a better look at the Snake River which we had been driving along for some time.  We saw a path that looked like it might lead us down to the river.  It did!  Along the way there were all kinds of wildflowers.  As we got to the bottom I noticed a AED (defibrillator) mounted on a pole.  It looked new and in service.  Odd!

More fun getting slow shots of white caps.

You might notice that Tom and I have different white balances.  He agrees that the river was green.  I like his composition better.

My sweetie.  The river was running pretty rapidly!

Around the bend just up the river we saw some rafters.  It was not until they were actually in front of us and going through the area we were shooting did we realize there was an 'exciting' photo opportunity.  The rafts just kept coming and we just kept getting our settings better dialed in.  Tom used his long lens.  My long lens was in the car.

Showing off!  I have no idea how the person in the front gets that position.  We could not see any straps holding the front person in place.

The water is very cold!  What are these folks thinking?  Adventure!!!!!  Notice that there are no retirees in this boat.

Dang!  It is OK.  I see a shoe.

Palisades Reservoir towards the north end.  The Reservoir is huge with many campsites along its edge.  Lots of people out over the long holiday enjoying the outdoors.

A side mini lake of the Reservoir.

We stopped at the top of Teton Pass.  Lots of photo opportunities there.

I have only seen these on Teton Pass.

Down in the valley, off the Teton Pass, and on our way to Jackson.

Framing is important.

By the time we got home I was exhausted.  Not so Tom!  He drove into Pinedale to check out Fourth of July festivities.  I stayed home and took a nap!

The holiday festivities took place in Pinedale's city park.  For a small town it has a very nice park with this creek running through it.

Pinedale's War Memorial.

Gathering on the park's lawn to hear live music.  Check out the flag girl in the middle!

Good night Wyoming.