Barcelona's Cathedral and Basilica

Jon and Phyllis recently traveled to Spain and Italy and have generously shared some of their photographs.  Phyllis wrote:  "We went to Barcelona in 2007 and visited two churches.  The Old Cathedral was covered for repair, and La Sagrada Familia interior was still unfinished .  We decided to stop and check them out on our way to Tuscany earlier this year.  The Barcelona Cathedral was begun in 1289 and the facade was finished in 1889. It has a beautiful Gothic interior.  La Sagrada Familia is a Basilica that was consecrated by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010.  It was begun in 1882 and represents the life-work of Anton Gaudi.  After his death in 1926. others worked to complete it with the drawings and plans he left behind.  It is mostly finished in the main floor, but work continues on the facades and spires."

Barcelona Cathedral

Facade of Barcelona Cathedral

Choir looking to the altar at Barcelona Cathedral



Side chapel

La Sagrada Familia

Facade on La Sagrada Familia

Another facade.  The detail is awesome!

Close up detail on facade.

Incredible!  This place could be the life-work of a photographer!

The nave.

Above the altar



Side vault showing the stairway in one of the towers.

Stairway down from the tower

Exterior decoration on tower ( shot from a small opening)

Sunlight through stained glass

Panorama of the nave taken with an iPhone


Stained glass reflection on organ pipes

Bronze doors

From Spain, the Pardolls traveled to Italy.  Look for another post soon.  A heartfelt thanks for their generous sharing.