Sycamore Trail

If you look up Sycamore Trail you will be amazed at this gem . . . so close, but few of us go there.  Greg took me there in October, 2010 and I wanted very much to go back.  What better way to follow up on the Grand Canyon for my brother (with his new Canon 5DS) than to take him to Sycamore Canyon?  The first three photos were taken on my earlier trip.  I include them in this post because the photos taken yesterday are a bit different.  For one thing, there is not enough water for waterfalls although there is some running water along the canyon.  Even without the waterfalls the rest of the canyon did not disappoint.

Taken October 5th, 2010.

Taken October 5th, 2010.  We did not go to this part of the Canyon this time.

The area is just full of very interesting trees.

For this trip we took along a friend of Greg's named Mark.  What a great guide he turned out to be.  I want to go back again . . . soon!  Hopefully, Mark will be able to take us back.  One reason that this area is not so crowded is that, apparently, not too many people know how nice it is.  Shhhhhh.

These smallish ponds are named the Pomeroy Tanks.

I was so determined to get this shot.  I slid twice, fell twice, cursed twice and hurt my hand.  But, oh the smile on my face . . . 

There are actually two waterfalls in this area.  I did not know that.  They are both dry at this time but one might find water in the spring.  We hiked a bit to the area of the first fall.

We left our canyon hiking and went to an abandoned house and barn.  The site was an 1880's homestead.  At some point it became the property of the Forest Service and they used it for conferences, etc.  It is now abandoned.

This is such a beautiful part of our state.  A special thanks to Steve, Greg, Tom and Mark.  You help make dreams come true.