Bearizona Revisited

This is one of those sites where you can go again and again and it is never quite the same.  Each time it seems better and each time I can add a few keepers to my folder.  Plus, this time Tom and I were with my brother, his last photo opportunity before heading back home.  That made it even more special.  We sent him home tired!  A special thanks up front to Greg.  He drove us through the drive-through part of Bearizona while we shot away.  His camera . . . silent even though the animals were especially active.  Now that is a true friend!

Well, it is, sort of, all about the bears.

Leaving the bathing tub.

Did you know that black bears can be brown?

A female had just relieved herself and this big bull came over to check out her out.  He withdrew from his sniff and made this face.  We all cracked up in laughter.

This is Potter, a Dahl sheep. His horns are a full curl and are the size of two 15 pound bowling balls just sitting on top of his head.

This is a mountain goat.

A Big Horn Sheep

Once you are done with the drive through part of Bearizona you can park and take in the rest of the story.  Man oh man!  This 'theme' park as I call it just keeps getting bigger and better.  There is a new gift shop, a new area built for the raptor flight, a new restaurant under construction, more flowers . . . if you have not been there you really should put it on your list.  Let Greg know you are coming.  He is their best tour guide.




Usually the Red Fox are asleep in some remote corner of their enclosure.  Not this morning!  The were both pacing and then stopping close by and posing.  We took full advantage of their behavior.

This is a Swift Fox.  It was also very active.

Peacocks roam the grounds freely.

The new gift shop opened in July.  One of the more interesting things, being built right in the middle of all of the merchandise, is a scale model railroad that reflects the historical importance of the railroad in Williams during the 20's and into the 30's. This exhibit is so detailed and gorgeous that I can hardly wait to go back when it is completed.

For Kati and Cory, my flower loving friends.

If you are looking for a cool (several meanings) place to go up north this would be my recommendation.  If you don't dawdle along the way taking photos you can make it up and back in a day from Phoenix.