South Rim with a Newbie

My brother, believe it or not, had never been to the Grand Canyon.  Greg, Tom and I gave him a full day tour.  We started in the middle, rode the bus towards Hermit's Rest, returned to Angel Lodge for lunch and then drove to the Watchtower.  Lots of stops.  Lots more fun.  The Canyon was not quite as hazy as it has been all summer.  But, as the humidity increased during the day, the haze increased right along with it.  Steve loved our 'big ditch'.  Hope you enjoy our photos.

Tom's version.

Carol's version.

If you look away from the Canyon you still get 'eye' treats.

This is just before the Golden Hour.  See below for the later shot.

This trip was the first in which I made it inside the Watchtower.  Check out the story of this fabulous building.  We all tried our best to capture the beauty, the grandeur, the story.  Sorry, but you just have to go and take the narrow steps up to the third level.  Steve tried getting a fisheye shot by holding it up high in the very middle of the first level.  He gets a view all the way to the top.

HA!  Steve got a bit interpretive here.  But, the site can do this to your mind!

First level taken with a 14-24mm Nikkor f/2.8.  Set at 14mm.

This is the second level looking down and then up at the third level.

We had one very full day of shooting.  The Canyon never ceases to both inspire me and frustrate me.  Steve had a good time and got in some serious time with his new Canon 5DS.  That camera is exceedingly impressive and Steve was delighted with the results he got.  Thanks for sharing our trip.