H.A.M.B. Drags

H.A.M.B. is an online community supporting traditional hot rodding.  Each year they sponsor the H.A.M.B. Drags at the MoKan Raceway outside of Pittsburg KS.  This site is selected because it is thought to be the most authentic and true representation of the original drag raceway.  While racing is important to the entrants, it is really about getting together with old friends and having a great time.  Cars run against the clock rather than other cars.

1956 Chevy Bel Air in racing mode.  I can almost smell the rubber!

1941 Willys.  Makes me smile.  Such effort to burn a bit of rubber.

A restored historic racing car that actually ran in the early 60's.  Helmet is old style.

I laughed at Tom's watermark.  "Did you mean to put it on like that?"  He looked puzzled.  "No!"  I, however, kinda like it so am leaving it.  Quite the wheelie there!

Tom spent the day after the races with his friends Bill and Vicki Wilbert.  This is Bill's '32 Ford hot rod.  Bill's brother founded the MoKan Raceway in 1962 and that is when Tom met the Wilberts while selling his shirts to the race crowds.  As mentioned above, the MoKan is thought to represent the 'old' and 'true' of hot rod racing facility.  Tom has a photo of the old track from those days taken by the official photographer at the raceway, Dave Hightower, at the time.  (See below).

Tom ran into Dave Hightower at the track.  Dave took the photos when he was studying photography at Pittsburgh State in 1962.  He was quite good.  He gave Tom 5 DVD's with about 500 of these period shots.

Ryan, the event's organizer, agreed with Tom that this little '34 coupe was one of the nicest entries there.  These shots are part of a two hour shoot that Tom conducted in the golden hour of the day of the races.  The photographs will accompany Ryan's feature article in his Jalopy Journal.  We will send the link when the feature is published.

Tom also did a short special shoot of this sweet 1940 Ford Sedan.

1940 Ford coupe finished in an early 1960s show car style. 

Nicely finished 1946 Ford coupe with chopped top.

A perfectly restored 1956 Chevy Bel Air re-imagined as a racer.  This photo shows how much the heavy rain had fallen in the morning just prior to the opening of the event.  The skies started to clear and the crew worked hard to get the race track dried off so cars could race.  It turned out to be a beautiful day.

A 1963 Ford Falcon done in a period 1960's "gasser" style.

A 1970 Ford pickup parked along Main Street in Pittsburgh, KS.  It is a beautiful small college town located near the Missouri border.

This was a fun trip for Tom.  He got to meet up with lots of old friends, hang around old cars and visit with his sister, Mary.  He also did a custom photo shoot of a recently restored historic  '41 Barris Mercury.  The historic value of this particular car almost insures an invitation to show at Pebble Beach in the future.

OK, I just know someone is going to ask about H.A.M.B.  It stand for Hokey Ass Message Board.  It was started in about 1995 by Ryan Cochran.  A college student, Ryan wanted to build a hot rod but did not know how.  So he created this message board to get help and share with others who also wanted help.  It now has over 600,000 members world-wide!!