Lotsa Rain, Little Wind, Sketchy Sun

We are in awe of how nature can sculpt a landscape.  Such behavior is clearly shown at White Sands where the wind can create the ripples in the sand that photographers treasure, good light provides excellent shadow opportunities and composition, oh my oh my, at every head's turn.  Karen and I arrived on the scene after a night of very heavy rain, there was just enough wind to challenge a macro flower shot and the sun was hiding behind clouds.  Here is what White Sands looks like when nature takes a different design turn!

Finally, the sun came out ever so briefly, just long enough for Karen to see how impactful it could be on the sand.  

This ibis bull ran across the road in front of us.  I have never seen an ibis at White Sands.  Of course, neither of us had a long lens on the camera.  This is cropped in pretty good but you get the 'proof' that they are there.

This was my fourth trip to White Sands.  I will go back many more times.  I would love to have Karen go back with me (us).  She is a delightful photo buddy on the road.  Thanks for sharing.