Waiting for Lightning on the South Rim

David is passionate about photographing lightning and the Milky Way.  He loves night photography.  He generously invited me to join him this past weekend to photograph the Milky Way over White Pocket.  At first the weather forecast suggested a great opportunity.  Then the forecast changed.  David, the ever optimist, called and suggested shooting lightning over the Grand Canyon.  He was SURE there would be some.  Then we could go to White Pocket on Saturday.  The problem with the plan was the weather.  I opted to meet up with him at Cliff Dwellers on Saturday, leaving him to capture great weather photography on his own.

These images may seem to be very redundant.  Consider, however that they are taken just minutes apart.  They moved so quickly he almost had a time-lapse going!

As it turned out, the skies cleared just long enough for Dave to capture a couple of Milky Way shots before the clouds closed in.  He spent the night sleeping in his truck.  I met up with him as promised on Saturday.  Much more to our adventure to come!