North Rim Detour

Dave and I agreed to meet at noon at Cliff Dwellers, have lunch and plan our trip to White Pocket.  I was excited!  I left home early so I could shoot along the way.  By the time I reached Flagstaff it was raining.  Dang it!  I knew when I left that the weather was not optimal for this sort of plan.  But, I had agreed to meet Dave and he had already sent a text message that there was a clearing in the otherwise gloomy and stormy skies.  He, optimist that he is, was sure the storm was clearing out.  I, of course, did not want to chance missing out on a great opportunity to photograph at White Pocket.  Dave's early morning photos of Vermillion Cliffs confirm that they are interesting in any light.

Dave hiked Soap Creek, very near Cliff Dwellers Lodge, waiting for me to arrive.  Wowza!  

It is easier to be wise and practical when one takes turns passing the optimism baton back and forth!  We decided to head up to the North Rim, spend the night camped out and take a look at photo opportunities out on Cape Royale.  Dave knows that area very well, had a site in mind where I could park my Miss Precious Prissy Prius.  We planned to set up camp first so that we would not have to do it in the dark.  As it turned out, it was a wise decision as we returned well after dark and in rain.  The whole drive was punctuated by fog, heavy dark clouds, moments of clearing, and snow.

Taken at the scenic viewpoint as you head up the hill to Jacob Lake.  David always looks at the positive side . . . "There are really good cookies at Jacob Lake", he said.

Our campsite.  Photo taken in a break in the weather.  I am going back in better weather.  This is a great find for someone like me who is fine sleeping in her car.  By morning, the overnight rain and sleet had melted the snow.

Taken with my iPhone 6.

Path to Cape Royale lookout points.

Patches of sun, weaving fog, and wisps of clouds played around in the canyon below us.  You can see why David really was hoping to get a great Golden Hour shot of Cape Royale.  Me too.

I have had better sunset shots.  But this one will always be special for the memories of the day it evokes.

My last shot as we left Cape Royale.

We drove back to the Lodge and had a pulled pork sandwich at the Deli.  Then, a long drive back to our camp.  More rain.  I was so glad that the sleeping bag was already in my car.  It had been a long, but wonderful day.  But, I was tired!!  Tomorrow, we just knew, would be perfect at White Pocket.  Clouds, puddles of water and exquisite rock formations . . . . But first, we were going to have to get through a very cold night.  The sound of sleet hitting the metal on my car woke me up several times.  In the morning it was all worth it.