Bearizona and a Bit O' Snow

I love going to Bearizona!  And, what better way than with friends?  In a snowstorm!  We got there and hopped on a bus for a tour through the open area.  The bus is THE way to go.  There are no windows so photographic opportunities are much better than when you drive around in a car (with bear and wolf areas requiring closed windows).  In a good snowstorm, however, you can count on wind and snowflakes affecting your efforts.  So, am happy to tell you that Rick was really up to this challenge!  If this blog looks a bit lopsided with his images it is because he managed to get shots that the rest of us just could not get.

At one point on the bus tour the snow was moving sideways in the wind through the bus!  Cameras had snowflakes all over them and lens could not be kept dry!  It was cold!

The bus driver explained that donkeys have a stripe across their shoulders as a sign of blessing because they carried Virgin Mary when other animals refused.

In spring many of the animals are shedding their winter coats.

That white object behind the peacock is a female who is easily ignoring all the display!

Barbara is our 'detail' queen.  Where did she see these lovelies?  I have no idea.

There are lots of babies right now at Bearizona.  These are the baby bears that were just put out for public viewing..

In all my visits to Bearizona, this is the first time I have seen this fox up and active.  A great photo model, he actually stood still some of the time!

We did not stay as long as I would have liked.  We were all cold.  Even the delicious hot chocolate sold at the concession stand could not warm us up.  We will go back.  There is a lot of growth happening at Bearizona.  A new building is going in that will house a larger gift shop, have interactive areas, a restaurant, and a large room for classes.  If you have not visited Bearizona, or been to Williams recently, you might consider adding that to your list of places to go.  Highly recommended.