White Pocket

Another special photo trip blog entry.  Karen and her husband David took off for White Pocket last Friday.  My kind of trip!  Talk briefly on Thursday night and 'hit the road'!  They ran into Julie and Zarita who had hired a guide to take them around the area.  All four have generously shared their images from the trip.  I am thrilled to see such wonder and, of course, now very much want to go myself.  I hope you feel the same way.

Karen captures David.

Julie called this her Turtle.


Is this just awesome or what!!

David taking a picture of Karen!  Love the sense of scale that Julie got in this one.

The Oyster

Karen, what galaxy were you visiting?  

Haha!  I see that this is a popular photographer's hangout!!  That is Karen at the end, holding her spot.

Karen on left.  Not sure who the person on the right is.

Karen on left.  Not sure who the person on the right is.

Wow!  What a great example of showing scale in a photo!!!  They look like ants with three legged appendages!!

Whew!  OK, you can breathe again.  A very special heartfelt thanks to our photographers.  Each of them responded quickly to get me the photos.  There is no time for them to mull over their shots, do extensive editing, or have any other life!!  It does not get any better than this.  I am in awe.  Mom will be in awe.  This is Mother Nature at her most mysterious and we get to see it.

If you want to see more of Julie's images you can head over to her website.  She has them in a recent galleries category and has been working feverishly all day to get some posted for you.  Of course, she has a lot of other excellent photographs, including some great Colorado shots.  Head out to: