A Short Stop at DBG

After an early morning shooting at Three Sisters, Rick, Tom, Greg and Barbara headed to Desert Botanical Gardens.  Spring butterflies are on exhibit and it is always nice to check for spring wildflowers.  I am still out of town so I offer the following goodies without the benefit of being there but certainly enjoying the images nonetheless.  Enjoy.

Wooden bowl.

Image made me smile!

Love those flowers.  Nice foreground.

This is so beautiful and delicate.  I went back to see what lens camera combination he used.  Tom used his Nikon D600 with the old manual lens I gave him that is so tack sharp.  It is a 55mm prime Nikkor and I am betting he had it wide open.  Trick to this is that I cannot imagine shooting moving butterflies with a manual focus lens!  But, if I could get images like this one I just might give it a try.

Thanks for viewing and joining us.  With the weather so nice this week I would have to go check DBG out if I were there.  I have an idea!  Go for me and send your photos!