Southern Swing

Jon and Phyllis shows us that you don't have to go too far from home to get some great photographs.  They took a southern swing to Tucson, shooting at Picacho Peak, then Sabino Canyon, the Desert Sonoran Museum and Reid Zoo (a new on to me).  I have really mixed up these photos so see if you can figure out where they were taken!!  I want to than Jon and Phyllis for sharing, going back into their collection at my request to add more photos for us to enjoy.

Gray Hawk.


Oh My!

Coy, flirting with Phyllis.

Harris Hawk

Barn Owl . . . just gorgeous.

Harris Hawk . . . WOW!

Hummer building a nest.

So there are some great ideas to be your photo trip destination this weekend.  Thank again to Jon and Phyllis.