Barrio Murals

Tom asked me to lunch at my favorite place to eat on the planet, the Barrio Cafe.  It is located on 16th Street just north of Thomas.  Always busy, parking a problem and knowing it was a holiday weekend, we decided to have lunch rather than stand in line for dinner.  It was Tom's first visit to this neighborhood's favorite.  The menu is new, the food as good as I remembered.  BUT, hold on to your poncho señorita, this restaurant has a whole new look outside!!  Murals!!  Everywhere!!  We walked around just this one building for over an hour.  We would like to treat you to a sample of what we were so excited about.

Grammatically incorrect as 'mano' is masculine and should be preceded with 'el'.  Artistic license!

Another take on the same mural.

OOOPS!  This is not a mural!  But, Tom sent it over, I like it and am adding it to the bunch.  Love the light effect!

After we left I drove around a couple of blocks.  I think Phoenix has it own real barrio in the making!!  Appropriately the Barrio Cafe is making no small statement.  I would love to go back to the area with a group and  find many more treasures.  Tom and I could have stayed another hour and continued to find interesting images without fear of duplication.  Finally, I end it with an image I took of the back of the restroom's door.  It is a partial of the full image.  The bathroom is rather small and I could not move back far enough to 'grab' the full picture.  I can hardly wait to go back there for more food for both tummy and eyes.