Winter Blast

A couple of years ago I attended the Winter Blast Pyrotechnics festival in Havasu City with Jon and Phyllis.  It was a blast (sorry, just had to write that).  We had rooms reserved to go back this year but changed our minds at the last minute.  Jon and Phyllis have generously shared some photographs from their trip this past weekend.  Oh my!!  Oh my!!  Hence, this unprecedented blog entry.  Up until now, all blog entries required that at least Tom or me to have participated in some part of the shoot.  This entry is an exception.  I did not want to post them in the challenge section (they are certainly deserving of a post there), but, they would be replaced in one day. I would like these images to be around for a bit longer.

Smoke and Fire


Star light.  Star bright.  How many stars can I count tonight?

Space satellite?

The only thing better than this would be having been there!

Well, this year's pyrotechnics show is over but we have time to plan for next year.  It is an annual event highlighting the most advanced and creative use of pyrotechnics.  The festival is an opportunity for the makers of such items to show off.  I would like to add, this is not the photography of beginners.  If you have not shot fireworks you may not be aware of how difficult it is to get such awesome images.  Jon and Phyllis are the best!!  Better still, they are willing to share!

On a technical note, since I know that some of you will want to know . . . Both shoot with a Nikon D700 and both used AF-S Nikkor 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens.  Their ISO ranged from 400 to 1100,  Their shutter speeds varied from 1/60 to as long as 4+ seconds.  Their apertures ranged from 9 to 14.  All but two of the photos were set for -1EV.  You can imagine any combination of the above to come up with a great image.