Valley of Fire Part IV

On of my biggest pleasures is to get the photos taken by everyone on a trip.  Yes, I was there too, but when 10 other eyes see the same place in a different way I get my enjoyment of a place multiplied over and over.  Then there is always the surprise and question when an image pops up, "How did she/he get that?"

I know how Ann gets some of her perspectives.  She hikes UP!  Like a mountain goat!  And fast!

Below are some captures from around the park that will bring back memories for year.  For me, each image adds a sense of personality and character to a very special place.

Yep, that is Ann up there.

Then, if you look carefully, the rock on the left looks even more interesting.

I feel like a mom who tell my child, "Get in there and clean up your room!"  I suppose you could climb down into that opening.

Leaving Rainbow Vista at the evening Golden Hour.

This guy sure gets around to high places.  Greg is way down there in the orange T-shirt.

We all want to go back.  There are several hikes we did not take, and even better photos of places we have been.

Good night.  Come back soon.

As we packed up the final morning.  We were headed home, going away from Valley of Fire.  "Taunt us, will you, Mother Nature?!