Jiwa and a Pelican

My grandson had early dismissal from school so Tom and I took him to the zoo.  We were treated by a great display of activity by Jiwa, the baby orangutan.  He is now over one year old and is really setting out on his own.  When Tom finally pulled away photographing Jiwa he grabbed a good shot of a pelican.

I kid had a small plastic fish which he was waving to get Jiwa's attention.  Jiwa kept trying to reach for it and was very attracted to the bright toy.

Jiwa had been playing on the rope hammock.  He is very strong and agile, rarely having a problem with balance.  But, when he wants to go outside he latches on to mom.  Bess, mom, scoops him right up, never missing a step.

Now that Jiwa is so active it is more fun to head out to the zoo to capture some of his antics. The best photos are those taken when he is in the outdoor area as the light is better.  Take your long lens and plan on staying a while.