Deuce Day

Every year Sanderson Ford hosts the AZ Deuce Day.  For those not in the know, a deuce is any hot rodded 1932 Ford.  Tom, his friend Jerry and I showed up early to get the best shots before the crowd arrived.  This is a small car show, but fun to see local cars that are shown with pride.

In interloper.  This is a 1936 Ford.  Non-deuce cars are allowed to come to the show but must park in a separate area.

This is a 1940 Ford and a 1951 Ford.

1926 Ford Model T.

Classic deuce roadster.

1951 Ford Convertible

Deuce five window coupe.

I wanted an ol' timey look.  Dang it, but that flame airbrushed car gives me away!!!  Too much fun.

1940 Ford pickup.

Deuce roadster.

1932 Lincoln who was allowed to park with the Deuces!  Special car, one off body . . . j

Tom and I each were committed to using just our 50mm Nikkor primes.  He took his images with his Nikon D600 as his D800 is at Nikon being repaired.  Mine were taken with my Nikon Df  with an f/7.1, ISO 400 and either 1/125 or 1/250.  My B&W were processed in Nik Silver Effect Pro2 except for the ol' timey attempt which was processed in OnOne 10.  Thanks for sharing.