An Afternoon Trip

Ninety minutes of shooting time, thirty miles of photography in five locations with shots selected and edited in under sixty minutes when Tom got home!  He left Phoenix late, arriving at the Gold Mine in Jerome at 3:30.  The whole place was already in shadows, except for a few areas.  He shot in those areas quickly before moving on to Sedona, stopping several places along the way.  Hoping to catch a bit more sunlight before it set, he drove away from the mountains and headed east.  Near Sedona, he turned right onto Red Rock Loop Road, past the turnoff to Red Rock Crossing, coming back out on 89A at the school.  He shot on two locations along the road before finding a nice overlook for Cathedral Rock.

This trip reminded me of the pace we set in Ireland.  Daragh called it guerrilla photography.  It is a challenge, made more so in this case by facing the limited time of sunlight that was left.