Old Town Albuquerque

I first walked around Old Town in 2004.  My first impression was that, well, yes it sure was old!  It seemed so full of opportunities but, aside from a few tourist shops and an old central plaza, it was run down and dirty.  That has changed.  Big time!!  It is now full of boutique shops that even attract locals, small restaurants and cafes that serve more than New Mexican fare and flowers are everywhere. It still feels very southwest and full of Mexican culture and art.  Oh, and parking is tough!  LOL

We strolled around just a few square blocks, enjoyed some exquisitely different tacos, grabbed a quick massage ($1.00 per minute) and vowed to return.  There are many more opportunities awaiting us.

San Felipe Neri

Amy Jane's Designs

Sidewalk alongside the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History

Sanctuary of San Felipe Neri

A small two-room chapel off the Patio Escondido.  Old, thick adobe!  Next two images are from same chapel.

Canopy at Albuquerque Museum Art and History

Not too far from Old Town there is an historic highway 66 motel that has been fenced off and being readied for demolition.  Tom really wanted to get some photos of it but it was a tough assignment with the fence all around it.  We did our best!