Storms on the Mesa

As we loaded the Jeep my mother stood by anxiously announcing how close the lightning was to where we were standing.  "How do you know?" I inquired.  She replied that she had an app on her iPhone that told her how close it was!  At 88 she is still mom and a techno mom at that!!

But off we went, much against parental advice, to Black Mesa.  There were storms all around us and I kept tracking the lightning.  We had an exit strategy . . . get in the car and close the doors and windows.  If needed we would leave our gear outside.  Put simply, we are nuts!!

You will soon see that the guys did the bulk of the individual shots.  I set up both cameras to do time-lapse sequences, one facing the Sandia Mountain and one facing west toward Grants.  I have processed one of them so far.  The momentary 'guest' is my brother, who in all the excitement managed to run right in front of a camera doing a time-lapse!! Here is just one still photo shot at the beginning of the time-lapse sequence facing the Sandia Mountain.

This one finally sent us into the Jeep.  It came on like a mighty engine that could and it DID!!

Poor Tom.  All this weather stuff to shoot and he is stuck in the Jeep!  Wah, wah!  No problem.  He solved it . . . LOL.

Mom was glad to see us when we returned home. We have survived to shoot another day!  Next up is Old Town Albuquerque.

Stay tuned.  Stay cool.