Meet Ms. Autumn

Autumn is new to modeling and I expected her to be much more nervous than she was.  I attribute her ease in modeling to my brother Steve's easygoing nature and setting clear expectations of each model both before and during the shoot.  Autumn was actually counting his 'Oh, very nice!" comments during the shoot!

We met up with Autumn at Starbucks and went over the general plans for the shoot.  Steve tells us that outdoor shots are handled very differently than studio shots and that we must all be flexible to the need to change plans, especially locations where the light might not be what we need. With that we were off for the first location. Over the course of the next two hours we shot in four different spots.

You will soon see that Autumn looks like she could be several people.  That is because of differences in shooting angles, cameras and settings used and post processing choices.  Steve shoots with three Canon cameras, grabbing the one with the lens he wants. I shot with my Df and my 85mm cream machine Nikkor.  Tom shot with his D600 and a 24-70mm Nikkor lens.  Tom and I took turns holding the reflector.

Each of us took this very similar shot.  It is fun to see the different interpretations of the same scene!!

Here are my two favorites from the shoot.  Even Autumn liked them . . . 

Today was Steve's last day of vacation. He slept in!!  Whew whoo.  I am not sure which is the great taskmaster, work or photography!

Stay cool.  We checked the weather!  We might go home in late September.  Nah!