We were hungry and while we drove through town on our way to get lunch we were treated to a preview of a town that once thrived as a mining town and now, like Jerome, is building itself into a buzzing tourist destination and art community.

What was interesting about the house below was that it appeared the owners had done major restoration in the interior and back area, along with a new roof and great back patio. We think they left the front facade as you see it, a photographic opportunity.  For all we know the residents were inside in a hot tub sipping expensive wine!!

We were told that part of the movie Wild Hogs was filmed in Madrid.  Well, they are still there!

We were glad to get back to my mom's and download our cards.  What a great day!!  Thinking of my friends and wishing each of you could caravan along with us.  What fun that would be!!

Till the next post . . . keep cool.