Meet Sarah

We joined my brother, Steve, for a photo shoot he had planned with Sarah on the bank of the Rio Grande. Sarah is very new to professional modeling, yet we found her to be a delightful and very professional young lady. Steve is shooting a B&W series or 'stories' with Sarah. Neither Tom nor I have taken part in a professional model shoot and we learned a lot by watching my brother and Sarah interact.  In addition to composition, we discussed the nitty gritty of getting a model's consent, payment and keeping track of their time, who buys the dress, etc. Very helpful information if you are at all interested in shooting models.

Enjoy the photos.

Below you see Steve precariously positioned on the bank of the Rio Grande. I was in charge of making sure that there were no ants in her shoes when I handed them back to her.  Sarah is a great sport.  Not only did she face three photographers (although it was very clear who was in charge), she stood and sat among great big fire ants!! Oh, the yellow rag in his back pocket . . . used to wipe the sweat off his model's face!

We plan on being here all week  for what I am feeling will be a photo-intensive vacation!!  We will share as we go.