San Diego

Armed with a 'list' of the best places to photograph we spent two days in the San Diego area with camera a-clickin'. Our first stop was Coronado to get a sunset shot of the San Diego skyline. We got there at the end of a sailing race with the turnaround buoy placed right in front of us.

San Diego Skyline 2.jpg
TD San Diego 1.jpg
TD San Diego 2.jpg
San Diego Skyline 9.jpg
TD San Diego 3.jpg
TD San Diego 4.jpg
San Diego Skyline 18.jpg

The next morning our eyes were set on the beaches. We opted to sleep in too late to get a real sunrise shot. These were taken at La Jolla Shores.

La Jolla Shores Beach 005.jpg
La Jolla Shores Beach 010.jpg
TD San Diego 6.jpg
La Jolla Shores Beach 013.jpg

Tom wanted to photograph at Salk Institute.  I was more interested in Torrey Pines Glideport (was actually considering a tandem flight!). Photographically, he made the better choice.

Torrey Pines Glideport 6.jpg
Torrey Pines Glideport 11.jpg

If you look very carefully you can spot a hang glider at the end of the waterway!

TD San Diego 7.jpg
TD San Diego 9.jpg
TD San Diego 10.jpg

Then off to La Jolla Cove.  Most interesting place and we could have spent the whole day there. Lots and lots of people. The weather was perfect, although very windy.

TD San Diego 11.jpg
La Jolla Cove 2.jpg
TD San Diego 12.jpg

Aside from the beaches, underwater life, seals and tidepools, this beach has some of the most interesting trees. Some have called them Dr. Seuss trees and I can get the idea . . . 

La Jolla Cove 1.jpg
TD San Diego 14.jpg

I was tired of people everywhere. I went back to the car and waited while Tom took his usual 'just one more shot'. He got in the car. "All you have to do is just shoot above the people." Of course, DUH!

TD San Diego 13.jpg

We grabbed a salad and sandwitch for a picnic at the Scripps Oceanic Institute Pier. I was very excited about that opportunity as I had seen so many gorgeous photos taken there. I was disappointed. There is construction going on at the end of the pier which could not be avoided. Graduating students were gathered to have their photos taken under the pier so access to the spot I wanted was limited. The sky was a bit too cloudy and the sunset was weak. Wah, wah, wah! I know, how much sympathy can you give someone standing on a cool beach in La Jolla at sunset?  None, I hope. So best to play around a bit and perhaps set the camera to pause and enjoy the space. So, I did. But, I am going back for the image I wanted.

Scripps Oceanic Pier 17.jpg
TD San Diego 15.jpg
TD San Diego 16.jpg
Scripps Oceanic Pier 22.jpg
TD San Diego 17.jpg
Scripps Oceanic Pier 21.jpg
Scripps Oceanic Pier 23.jpg
TD San Diego 18.jpg
TD San Diego 19.jpg

Finally, we met so many nice people. There is something about having a camera that makes it easy to both approach and be approached by others. We met a young couple, new to photography, that were interested in sharing their photos. Excited, with entry level cameras and kit lens, they reminded me of where I was several years ago. I shared my 9 step ND filter, holding it over their smaller lens. Their excitement and wow factor made all my wah wahs go away. What a great, great trip! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Scripps Oceanic Pier 24.jpg