St. John's Cathedral

Ah, finally a photo opportunity that we have talked about for a long time, has taken place!!  This is The Cathedral Church of St. John's.  The challenge was that we planned a night shoot that would allow us to dim the overhead lights and then place lights where we wanted to highlight part of the church.  Not all lights can be turned off so we had to work around that. The organ is thought to be the best in the Southwest!  We wanted only three images that can be shared with the church for whatever use they wish.

This was a shared effort.  Steve directed the placement of lights and perspective of the shots taken.  We all participated in post editing. So, no one shot belongs to any one of us.  Enjoy our final three.

Next up . . . Our drive to Cerrillos and Madrid.  Heard on the news that it is going to be 113 degrees today in Phoenix.  Yikes!!  Stay cool.