AZ Desert Sonoran Museum















































OK!  You can say 'WHEW' with me!

If you ever want to have a great time, travel with Phyllis and Jon. We spent most of day at AZ Desert Sonoran Museum, taking in both free-flight bird demonstrations, and lots of other great animals in between. It was the last day of the free-flight bird program but it will return in the fall. The birds really are free and one of the hawks took off to hunt on its own and did not return for showing off!

Gear? Jon shoots with a Nikon D700 and for the bird photos was using his 80-400mm Nikkor lens. Phyllis shoots with a Nikon D200 and was using her 70-300mm Nikkor lens. Tom used his Nikon D600 and his 24-70 lens for most of the day. I shot my Nikon D800 and used my 70-300mm Nikkor lens. I was shooting the birds at 1/2000 shutter priority and an ISO of 800. 

Am sorry that I don't know my hawks well enough to tell you which is which. I was so excited to just be there and try getting a good shot that I failed to take proper notes!

Hope you enjoyed the show.