Boyce Thompson Arboretum

I love BTA. With a higher elevation than Phoenix it is cooler and can host a wide variety of plants and critters not usually seen at the Desert Botanical Gardens or the AZ Sonoran Desert Museum. It seems wilder, grittier and open for more adventure with shaded paths, hideaways, bridges and surprises around the corner. Picketpost mountain provides a gorgeous background and, if you go, take the Sonoran Trail that loops the Arboretum and takes you on a hike that will slow you down . . . because you are taking so many photos.

If you ever wanted a really good reason to go so far . . . take a look at our photos. Let me know when you go so I can join you.

Let's start with a lovely cactus garden.


But, if cactus tire you . . . 


The Arboretum is home to so many hummingbirds that you can capture a good shot just by hanging around their territory. It seems their territories cover the whole arboretum!!




There are cardinals. We kept hearing them call but they just teased.  I only saw one briefly. Elaine, our bird whisperer, got a couple of wowzas! How does she do that?

Only a mother can love this adolescent.

There is art . . . 


There is an old truck, a windmill. . . 

There are classrooms in an old building with a bell.


Oh, and the bridge, one of several.

Covered paths . . . (make great leading lines).

A pond . . . 

How about spending the day with your wide angle lens (see meadow-like photos above and then the ones below).




Or maybe you would like to get up close and personal with a macro lens or Tom's fisheye. Maybe a long lens to really bring out a front flower or a rear row dweller at the back of a flower bed. The iris were in bloom and I felt really good about getting some decent shots in before the heat wipes them out. All was fine until a nice gentleman strode by and commented, "They were much better last weekend."  Dang it!!



Or maybe just photograph pretty flowers found everywhere.




Or capture a starburst in a bojum tree!!  Now that is different!

Or, maybe you want to try some artsy fartsy stuff. . . 





Or, you can just have fun with color, imagination and some giggles.  This is my own 'harlot' iris. She is designed to tickle your fancy. 

We left thousands of potential images there for you and for us in the future. Mom, I hope you enjoyed the show.

By the way, Boyce Thompson Arboretum is a state park. So, if you have a State Park Pass you can get up to four people into BTA for FREE!! as many times as you want to go back. That is a real deal! Then you can use the same Pass at all state parks. Just $75 for the year.

Comments are welcome. Share your thoughts with others. I love your emails and forward comments on to the specific photographer, but I often wish I could share them with other visitors. I check daily and will get them posted quickly.