San Xavier del Bac

We were at San Xavier del Bac twice. Both times our intention was to benefit from the golden hour light of evening and morning. Just when I think there cannot be anything more to shoot, that I have shot it all . . . Tom sends me images and I ask, "Where did you see that?"

Cameras are welcome inside this mission. That is very nice as they are banned inside many mission churches. You just have to work around the times of mass, which is pretty easy to do as you can spend that time outside photographing the many different angles and architectural features. Personally, I can only get really good shots inside when using a tripod and I prefer wide angle lens for that.  I don't recall if Jon used a tripod inside or not but he can stand rock solid when shooting so he may not have needed one. Regardless, you can count on very slow shutter speeds or risk noise from a high ISO.

Unfortunately, there were some emergency repairs going on in front of the church and scaffolding can be seen.






The outside of the church is ornate, yet subtle elegance. The inside just blows your mind with ornateness gone wild! Let's go in!








Back outside . . . 



Or, same old branch/tree from a different angle.

There are still great shots to be had at this iconic site for me. For starters, this is one shoot where the quality of the light is everything! We hope you can check it out one day for yourself. Go early or late and if possible get in a day with some interesting clouds.

Next up . . . AZ Desert Sonoran Museum with a focus on their last free flight bird show of the season. Now there was a challenge!!