Ghost Town and Gold Mine Part 2

After you get used to the abundance of cars, trucks and tractors you begin to look around at the interesting buildings, animals, and 'things', even big machines that still work!  If you take a deep breath you may even begin to see that there is a lot of humor going on and that it starts at the front door.

Commemorating the Crash of 2008.

It appears that there may be several families that actually live on the site.  This looked like private property.

A classy dog house!

I smell fish . . . 

Reminds me of the song, "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred

"I see.  You were too cheap to buy a small bag of treats for us.  It is only a dollar.  Go back and get one!"

"Did you get food?  The bag.  A dollar.  Go get some.  Unlike Don, I don't pose for free!"

The item in front was used to lower miners down the mine shaft.

I have no idea.

An old motor home.  I would have been happy just walking around and capturing its funkie character.  Not Tom.  He goes for the GOLD.

Inside the motor home.  Wood paneling!

Inside the Assay Office.  So, this looks interesting, but how would it look as a black and white.  "Glad you asked," replied Tom.

This looks like a contrived scene in a 'find the objects puzzle'.

What I wanted to capture was the whole scene but see the leaves on the shelf on the inside.  Took some work and a flash set on manual settings that would reach 19 feet and not blow out the image.  That whole flash photography thing is tough!!!  But, I am getting the hang of it.  And my Lensbaby.  And having way too much fun along the way.

Now, for those random things that were recorded for posterity!!  Mine are going to sit in my library while I figure them out.

OK, this is the winner in the category, "I can't believe you REALLY took a picture of that!!"

OK, this is the winner in the category, "I can't believe you REALLY took a picture of that!!"

Um . . . . it is a device that holds something.  How many guesses do I get?

Help!!  Tom smiles and keeps me in sanity mode.  It is a piece of rotting plywood.  Love the color and perceived texture.  Somehow, though, I don't have a need to bring it home.

I have no clue.

If you guessed rusting 'many coats of paint' on a Model A radiator . . . you WIN!!!  Clap, clap, clap!

Rick must have really photoshopped these items to look so new!!  Great job Rick.

Whew.  Feeling better now.  I know what this is.

A gold plated seat on a rocket?  I do love the leaves!  I'll pass on the ride.

Guessing . . . . rotting tire or street sweeper brush?

This is for parts that don't want to be lubricated.

Good way to get splinters in your britches.

This is Big Bertha.  When it is too cold Don can't get it to start.  But, if you are ever there when it is warm enough . . . pay the $10 because this lady can really put out powerful canon shot sound.  Scared me even though I knew it was coming.  Big Bertha is a diesel powered generator.

Finally, our hunger outweighed our need to photograph any more.  We drove into Jerome and had lunch at the Haunted Hamburger.  Great food.  We walked off the calories after lunch by strolling the sidewalks of downtown Jerome.  Those photos will be shared in the next blog.