Strolling Downtown Jerome

It is hard to get real motivated to shoot a slow downtown scene, even in charming Jerome, after such a stimulating morning and now we had to contend with our full bellies.  I already have so many shots from Jerome and now was being challenged to find something new.  I think everyone else was having the same problem.  But, here we go . . . 

I have heard that this is the old jail and that it is sliding off the hill.  Below is the real scoop.

These cute little socks were so colorful.  After I took the photo (with owner's permission) I saw fingerless gloves knit up just as colorfully and with long ribbed cuffs.  Perfect for a winter of photography.  But, I did not have my wallet so my purchase will have to wait until I go back.  This is the shop for the Connor Hotel so if you go to Jerome check it out.

<untitled> 2.jpg

As we headed out for our afternoon shootingI mentioned that the Spirit Bar had some photo opportunities.  No takers!  So, here are some of mine.  The nice young lady serving just a few patrons asked if I wanted a drink.  I told her no thanks and that I was driving.  She promptly served up a ginger ale . . . for free!


As we drove home we saw the briefest hint of a sunset.  Then it just exploded1  Tom just kept shooting and shooting.  Every time he would set his camera down it would seem to start all over again.  What an awesome way to end our day.