Ghost Town and Gold Mine Part 1

Welcome to the three new people who joined us for the first time.  Genie, Jack and Sandy got their initiation to photo tripping with us by strolling around the Ghost Town and Gold Mine, clicking away at what some might consider 'junk' but if you get to know Tim and Don we quickly learn that each piece has a story and, now, a place to call home.  Over the years, I have been going back to shoot this special site.  I even have favorites that I am glad to see are still present! There is always something new and even more that I had not seen in a prior trip.  Enjoy our photos.  We hope that you get at least a small sense of this most fascinating place.

This is how we started our day!  Excited and in awe.  Image captured from the car. The day just kept getting better.

The site is still an active lumber mill.  When we got there Don, the proud owner of Ghost Town and Gold Mine was cutting some lumber pieces with help from Tim. This is one place where you can take 'people' photos!  Don will even help you out by driving out one of several tractors just so you can photograph the event.  Admittedly, with seven of us there was a lotta clicking' going on.  But, rather than leave out some great shots, I will include them all so you can get to know these fine gentlemen.  If you go to visit the site, please don't be shy about asking for a photo.  Heck, Don may even fire up the tractor for ya!



That sign on the tractor is enlarged below.  In addition to taking photos, you get some useful information on 'old stuff'.

Special cow proof wiring.

The great sawmill wheel a-turnin'.

When you first arrive at the 'scene' it is easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of items that can be photographed.  I suggest starting with some big stuff first . . . like the cars, trucks, yes, even the fire engine!

New addition parked right out front.

As you can see from the images above, there are lots of old cars on the property.  Their rust, faded colors and wrecked damage does not diminish their interest to photographers.  There are also pieces of cars that by themselves are fascinating.  And, not all the cars are real old or complete wrecks.  Some, like "The Other Woman" could be driven on the streets of New York City and is often taken into Jerome for shopping!!

Pistol for the brake, double barrel for the stick shift and a gorgeous custom interior and wood steering wheel!

Rare radiator emblem showing the Star of David and the Dodge Brothers on a '36 pickup.

All for now.  Next blog entry will be a continuation of our extended morning.  Handsome roosters, hens, baby chicks, a goat, dogs, many things that you might recognize and maybe a few that you will join us in asking, "What is that?"  Plus, there is a bit of humor going on, as you might well imagine!