Piestewa Peak Trail

I didn't expect to make it to the top and I didn't.  I made it to the 0.75 mile mark on this well known one mile trail to the summit of Piestewa Peak.  The trail, while steep and rocky, quickly opens up vistas and photographic opportunities that I suspect change each time the trail is hiked. I went up with my lightest camera, the Nikon Dand two lens.  The tradeoff of less weight was the necessity of handholding my camera.  Enjoy the shots.  One day I will share the image from the top!!

A few places on the trail have these uneven and sometimes loose rock steps.  This is about the usual incline.

You round a corner and the view switches to the northwest.

Ugh!  That haze was so evident from up on the mountain and looking down at the city!!  It looked worse as the afternoon approached a golden hour.

I am having such a great love hate relationship with this image!!!!  I must have taken a dozen photos trying the get some light on the rocks that I thought looked a bit like the building block buildings in the haze laden background.  The sun was setting so why are the rocks so dark.  I tried every trick I knew except bracketing or a strong fill flash, neither would work well as I had neither a tripod or flash with me.  But you get the idea and I am going back for this shot, if no other!  I know where these rocks live!

I returned safely before dark, feeling a bit wobbly-legged and with a smile on my face.  One nice thing about photography is that it gives me a great reason to stop for a few minutes and rest along the way.   Thanks for joining me.