Devil's Bridge

Some plans just don't work out as planned.  The plan was to drop Ann off far away from Devil's Bridge, drive Greg's car to the Devil's Bridge Trailhead and hike one mile to the Bridge.  Ann would most likely beat us there as the road was described as 'slow going'.  Hiking with me is even slower.

But, it did not turn out that way.  The Ranger at the information desk did everything he could but forbid Greg to drive down that awful road.  That meant that we would park at a different trailhead, hike a connector trail, hike along the Chuckwagon trail and then connect to the Devil's Bridge trail. That, by the way, is a four mile roundtrip hike!!  It was going to be worth the try.  Right?

If you are going to hike 4 miles do it in fabulous scenery with friends like Ann and Greg.  Here, Greg walks behind me protecting me from mountain lions and reminding me to be careful.

No, that rock is not a bench.  Don't disturb the lichen!  See sign below. 

Ann and Greg made it very clear that if we were to have a chance at making the full roundtrip we would have to stay focused on hiking, not stopping every ten feet and shooting!  What?  Yikes!  But, Ann does have a  humane side to her.  Every once in a while she would stop and say, "This is a good shot.  You can stop and shoot!"  So we did.

Rest stop.  Views like this take one's breath away.  Oh yes, and the hiking too!

I got the tree.  Greg got the bushes! Cactus?  Yep.

I knew it was coming.  Looking up at these 'steps', however was a bit more than I was expecting.  Actually a whole lot more!  If it were not for Greg and Ann I would not have made it to Devil's Bridge.  Ann would get to a tough point and take my tripod so I would have both hands free to balance, give suggestions on the easiest way (she is the uber hiker) and give both caution and encouragement in the same sentence!!  When she said, "Hand me your tripod and come down on your butt." I did so without question.

Greg is taller so he has to be further from the edge!  Ann kept encouraging us to get on the bridge.  She is truly nuts!!

Ann is shorter so she had to stay way far away from the edge!  She actually 'climbed' up the mountain to get this shot.  She has that much energy!!

To get this angle you need to be up high . . . like on a bridge across the valley!

Then, there is the matter of getting back.  Ann was rightly concerned about making it back to the car before dark and she was smart enough to realize I don't go down rocks much faster than going up them!  I can chuckle now, but at the time the whole thing seemed a bit daunting.

Looking back at the Bridge. The Bridge looks shorter here because there is a stone column hiding part of the view of the whole bridge from where we were on the trail.

Just another view.  Deep breath!  I made it to the Bridge. I was so excited inside I could hardly stand it.

Greg kept promising me that we would have better light on the return trip.  That was to keep me from losing my mind from passing so many great shots.  He was right.  But, the mission was to get back to the car before dark!!  He did not tell me that part.  We did shoot a bit more but I did not set up my tripod and my shots are terrible.

Greg, you are cracking me up. 

Lefty gets around and I noticed that he was not out of breath.

I have a new resolution.  I am going to work at building up my strength so I can cover at least a six mile roundtrip hike.  The best friends are the ones that push you to discover what you can do and inspire you to more if you want it.  Thank you Greg and Ann. You are the best great friends. 

Taken on our way into Sedona to have dinner.  Once again I lost my breath.  Whew, what a day!