Fountain Hills Art Festival

Last minute not-a-plan!  It has been quite some time since I have spent the day walking between tents, looking at the creative output of my fellow human beings.  And, what better place than Fountain Hills?  This was not intended as a photo-trip but we always have our cameras with us.  We just never know what we might see that mom might like to look at.  So, mom you can just walk around and pretend to smell the popcorn while evading cute doggies in strollers and big dogs pulling their owners along!!

Fortunately, the traffic and vendors were pretty much kept to the street, leaving the grass and lake undisturbed.  Many artists do not like photos taken of their work.  We get that.  That did not stop us from taking photos with permission, usually of such small detail that one could not replicate the art using our photo.  Besides, we had our cameras and practiced lots of technique from depth of field under low light to bright shiny bling along the way.  What I most enjoyed was seeing the work of 27 photography exhibits, looking for inspiration and, when possible, talking to the photographer about their work.

The glass blown ball is placed inside the spiral wire which is twisted by the wind.  An optical illusion is created suggesting that the ball moves and spins up and down the spiral.  Very cool.  I notice that Rick caught the reflection of the lake in the ball.  Good job!

Just to note . . . these can also be a cool piece if you slow down the shutter speed and get a blur.  You should be smiling now realizing how long Rick and I experimented with different options!!

The sun has fallen!  These were beautiful metal sculptures.  This one was on the ground as the vendor set up his tent.  The wind was very strong and it created challenges for the vendors all day.

Leather bracelets appear to be in this year.  Number of vendors . . . belts not so much.

Small excerpt of a much larger art piece..  I was drawn to the color and imagination of the artist.  Lots of texture!

Promises not to fade if you take it home.

We oted for eating at The American Grill.  A thirty minute wai,t but we get to have good food and avoid the crowd.  Well, we didn't avoid the crowd!  While we waited Barbara headed for the bar!  We amused ourselves by pointing our cameras at each other and composing shots of the table's display.  We laughed a lot!!  A manager- type walked by and asked how it was going.  I told him his mustard would be going viral by three.  He gave me two thumbs up and said he would check on our food right away!

ISO 6400, f/1.4 with Nikon D and 50mm Nikkor.

Barbara is a strong believer in working her shots.  Like the spur, Barbara.

Before we left Karen and I walked down to the lake to take some 'more traditional' photos.

Ginger and Roger

We had not planned on staying long but we did.  Notice the Golden Hour light on our dancers.  Great day with friends.  You would have had fun with us.