Twin Lakes and Turquoise Lake

We suspect we will photograph many lakes along our journey.  These lakes were a good beginning.  Hone some skills!  Twin Lakes are located just south of Leadville, our destination for the night. You may be thinking we are really dawdling along . . . Nope, we are slow, deliberate and thoughtful photographers (LOL).  We may even make it to Rocky Mountain by nightfall.  But, maybe not!  Well, probably not.

This first image is of one of the Twin Lakes.  The blue sky and clear air around here can almost be deadly when you are not used to it.

These images are taken from the loop we took around Turquoise Lake.  This lake can actually be partially seen from our hotel entrance. 

.On the backside of the loop we saw a sign for Shimmering Point.  Had to check that out.  Well, it was this gorgeous hike back to where you could see future golden aspen just shimmering in the wind.  Forget the threat of rain.  We just kept hiking back. Here is one from that spot.  Leadville is seen in the back.

Here is another one.

Just after these shots were taken it started to sprinkle.  That is when I realized I did not grab any rain gear for me or my camera.  And it was an uphill hike to the car!! We made it just fine, but we were REALLY out of breath.  Promise to get to the gym when we return home.

As we drove down from the lake there were very few turn-off places and the trees were growing close together and covering any good view of the lake.  Tom catches a slight opening.  "Back up 15 feet", he requests.  Here is his window shot.

My favorite shot of the day!! This is the guy that I just LOVE!!  This is a familiar pose.

We are staying cool and shooting often.

Missing friends but taking you with us!