What a fascinating history this town has.  My mom said she was getting out her "googler" to check it out. Leadville, like so many mining towns has made the transition from a booming population to one that caters to tourists.  One advantage Leadville has, however, is that it also attracts a fair amount of skiers.  Surrounded by some of Colorado's tallest mountains, it is making a bit of a comeback.  It sports two traffic lights, a Dollar Store and a Safeway.  No McDonald's yet.

Here are some of our shots that we hope give you a feel of the place.





The night we got in we went 'downtown' and found a farmer's market in full swing on the main little plaza. Bought 4 Colorado peaches.  Wowza!  But . . . not as good as the flat we got at CostCo in Phoenix for half the price and double the amount! But the photo was colorful!!!  Gotta look at the positive, right?

As I mentioned the ski business, here is one way to advertise your store!

Every old mining town seems to have a saloon and many churches.  Ditto in Leadville.


Finally, we checked the weather in Phoenix.  I would imagine that everyone living there is tired of the heat. Enough summer already!!  Here I found a sign in a store.  I thought of my friends.  I smiled.

Tom and I are having a great journey.  Tonight we are in Frisco, just next to Dillon.  

Stay well, shoot often.