Hiking Frosting (Great Sand Dunes)

When we first spotted the Great Dunes I thought of frosting!  It looked like a pastry chef's creation!  Tom thought of an old chocolate bar.  This National Park is touted as among the most diverse and unexpected.  Both hold true.  This is not the best time of year to visit as the water is long gone and the trees have not turned.  But, the summer rainstorms really added drama.  We arrived to see the clouds building, got rained off the dunes, watched storms come and dissipate only to have storms build behind them.

The music chosen to play with the video is called "We've Got Tomorrow" by Chris Isaac.  Tom chose it as our journey theme song before we left.  Dunes have seen many tomorrows and will see many more.  Us too.

Today we are off to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Stay cool.  Shoot often.