Trip in a Storm

Ah, yesterday!  Seems like so long ago.  We woke to rain and it never, not once, even for a minute, stopped. Wind?  Oh yes,  Quite a storm we are having up in the Portland and coastal areas!!  But, we left anyway and promised to be careful.  First off, get lost!  Miss a key turn and you can end up in the dock area along the Willamette River.  Never fear, an interesting place for breakfast shows up.  Named Dockside Cafe, it proved to be a great place to enjoy breakfast. Like so many places along the road, it has a history.  You might look it up. Think of the Tanya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan drama, finding trash in their dumpster that led to convictions . . . fun place! Camera was in the car.  No problem, I am thinking iPhone . . .

Along the way we shot a few scene, anything that looked possible with light rain. One stop yielded a bridge. At the same location we captured images of a juvenile Double Breasted Cormorant. (You might be thinking that Len is assisting on identifying the bird.  You are right.)


Then Tom caugh a comical look.

Our goal was to get to Astoria.  There is a well known shipwreck piece north of Astoria.  We thought it would make a wonderful photo opportunity.  Obviously, we were not prepared for this storm's landing . . . Tom got out and took a couple of photos.  I was content looking at photos shot earlier on my iPad.  He gets back in the car, wet and windblown.  "There is a really good photo out there for you if you want it!", he says.  Not going to pass up a challenge like that, I headed out into the biting rain.  As I braced and kept getting closer to the wreckage, fighting to simply stay vertical AND protect my camera . . . along comes this jogger into my frame! REALLY!!!  Tom was right.  

After the beach shot we realized the weather was really getting intense.  Beautiful, but just a bit crazy and scary.  We headed inland to Salem and spent the night with Len and Kay. Nice hot chili and great conversation. Today we are planning on heading into Salem and taking some photos of the capital and maybe even a large carousel with hand made horses. Weather permitting, of course.

Thinking of friends and family.  And yes, thanks for the reminders that it is sunny where you are.  I hear a bit of bragging bravado here!  LOL.

Stay dry.